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He external sphincter will contract when the rectum is full and hold the faeces in the anal canal. However, because there is little or no control over the external anal sphincter for a person with spina bifida, faeces are often forced out of the body at an inappropriate time. Limited sensation affects the ability to realise when the rectum is full. Nerve damage prevents the brain from receiving the message to empty the bowels. If it is not realised that the bowel is full and there is no control of the external sphincter then the bowels may open when it is least expected. Many people with spina bifida have weak stomach and pelvic muscles. These muscles are used to push the stool out of the body. The combination of limited sensation in the nerves of the lower digestive system and weak muscles can lead to a series of problems such as constipation, impaction, or rectal prolapse. Being constipated can make one feel nauseated and grouchy and, generally, very sick. Constipation occurs when the stool is unable to be removed from the body and becomes hardened because the water it contains is absorbed back into the body.   how bowel continence is managed   eating a diet high in fibre and drinking plenty of water. Medication. A toilet timing/training programme. The keyword is regularity. Enemas e. G. Bowel washout. buy cheap viagra cheap viagra trusted on line sites to buy viagra cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online Manual evacuation. Exercise. Surgical procedures e. G. Mitrofanoff antegrade colonic enema (mace). The overall aims of bowel management programmes include: the reduction of incontinence by establishing regular bowel evacuation; the reduction of the risk of a megacolon; and the achievement of social continence and independence and confidence in bowel management strategies.   mydr, 2002. Reproduced with kind permission from sbh queensland. ©copyright: mydr, ubm medica australia, 2000-2012. All rights reserved. Last reviewed: 17 september 2007 sponsored links related topics spina bifida and hydrocephalus support group searches health support groups for spina bifida related links australian spina bifida and hydrocephalus association mydr newsletter get mydr delivered to your inbox privacy policy advertisement advertisement advertisement health centres addictions allergy arthritis asthma cancer care complementary medicine diabetes eye health first aid & self-care gastrointestinal health hearing health heart & stroke health images medicines mental health nutrition & weight pain pharmacy care respiratory health sexual health skin & hair sports & fitness symptoms tests & investigations travel.
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